Fake Cracked Screen


Do you want to play a funny trick on your friends? Try the fake cracked screen prank! This trick makes it look like the screen on their phone or tablet is broken.

What is a Fake Cracked Screen?

A fake cracked screen is a picture that looks like the glass screen is smashed with cracks all over it. But it's not real cracks - just an image that goes over the working screen.

The fake cracks can look very real. The pictures often have spider web patterns spreading across the display. Some apps let you choose how bad you want the "damage" to look.

Why Do the Cracked Screen Prank?

This trick is great for getting a big reaction! Imagine how scared your friends will be when they think their expensive phone is broken. Their stunned faces will be priceless.

But don't worry, no actual damage is done. The real screen stays safe and perfect underneath the fake cracks. It's just a harmless joke.

How to Do It

Doing the cracked screen prank is easy:

  1. Download a cracked screen app or website on their device when they aren't looking.
  2. Pick the crack patterns and make it look really smashed up!
  3. Wait for your friend to use their device again.
  4. Watch them freak out over the "broken" screen!
  5. After they fret for a while, tell them it was just a trick.

For an even bigger surprise, you can make comments earlier about being clumsy around their phone.

As long as you let them know it's fake in the end, the cracked screen prank is a classic way to joke around with friends. Just don't overdo it and really scare them!